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Yoga Session at Bangalore International Airport (BIAL)...
 New Session: Yoga for Stress Management
Inauguration of session by Shri.J.N. Bhavani Prasad, Ex. DGW, GoI. In picture: Sh.M.S.N. Swamy, President, ISLE, Sh. Bhaskar Bodapathi, Dir (Fin), BIAL and Sh. K.N. Suresh, AVP(Proj) with Hari Kumar Parameshwar.
 Previous Sessions
Lighting the lamp: Marcel Hungerbuehler and Thomas Ruppel

Lighting the lamp: Edgar, Ajith Kumar and Hari Kumar
Hari Marar visiting the camp. Introductory Speech by Hari Kumar.P
Participants in the camp

Training in progress.......

Pada hastasana  Trikonasana-1
Trikonasana-2     Ardha Chandrasana

Chandrasana - Moon pose
Marjaarasana - Cat pose
 Dog pose Rabbit pose

Kati Vakrasana Savasana
Veerabhadrasana-1  Veerabhadrasana-2
Padottanasana-1 Padottanasana-2
Star pose   Veerabhadrasana
Guided meditation
Ustrasana Tolasana
 Adhomukha Swanasana
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What is Hidlor's Yoga?
Hidlor's yoga is specially designed for the office goers, professionals and busy bees to strengthen the body, tranquil the mind and enlighten the spirit.
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