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What is Hidlor's Yoga?

 Hidlor's Yoga

for the body....mind.... and the soul.


Hidlor's yoga is specially designed for the office goers, professionals and busy bees to strengthen the body, tranquil the mind and enlighten the spirit with special emphasis to beat the stress by integrating yogic breathing techniques in hatha yoga poses  followed by relaxation and deep meditation.

Introducing yoga into life offers a respite to free the mind and body from stress, releasing blockages in the muscular, nervous and glandular systems.

It further
Develops flexibility, improves strength and stamina.
Tones, stretches and relaxes muscles.
Relieves muscular, back and neck pains.
Detoxify internal organs, the body is oxygenated and filled with healthy blood, decongested and restored.
Improves breathing perfection and enhances lungs capacity which is beneficial for asthmatics.
Improves metabolism and elimination, helpful for constipation.
Reduces stress by normalizing cortisol (stress hormone) and adrenaline levels.
Helps weight reduction and control.
Aids lowering blood pressure.
Can alleviate menstrual problems.
Eases insomnia and anxiety.

The following courses are in offer:
-Yoga – Basic course (10 classes)
-Yoga – Advance course (Basic + 10 classes)
-Yoga for stress management (Basic + 5 classes)
-Yoga for blood pressure (Basic + 5 classes)
-Yoga for weight reduction (Basic + 5 classes)
-Yoga for back pain/ spine (Basic + 5 classes)
-Yoga for yoga trainers (Adv. course + 10 classes)

Interested organisations or social team leaders may please contact for details. In general, Hidlor's programs are conducted based on the following terms and guidelines:

The programs organised by are generally free of charges as part of the social service or personal development program. Module will be selected and classes will be organised considering the common interest of the participants and everyone has to strictly adhere to the general terms and conditions

Hidlor's yoga sessions are instructive and demonstartive program conducted on a pre-defined schedule and all participants need to practice it on their own daily at home (preferably in the morning hours) for the maximum benefit. As the Yoga teaching is a step-by-step process, it will not be easy for the participants to learn the art and techniques in subsequent classes without undergoing proper practice of the teachings in previous sessions.

Since the classes are progressive in nature, the candidates should attend the entire sessions for optimal benefits. Skipping of one class may lead to difficulties to master the teachings in the next classes and therefore the participants should ensure their continuous availability in all sessions.

The participants or oerganisers have to organise yoga mats and personal clothing for the session. Any loose clothing (preferably cotton) will do; track suits, Tees and pyjamas, Salwar suit etc. are good options.

By the end of the session, it is desirable that all Yoga participants attend a social service event (but not comulsory). Generally we prefer feeding the inmates of an old age home or orphanage run by Charitable organisations. A onetime commitment fee of any nominal amount acceptable to the organisers are generally collected from each participant and this amount (after common expenditure of the program if any) will be utilized for this noble cause at the end of the session.

Yoga needs to be practiced in empty stomach. Participants have to ensure that no food is consumed for a minimum period of 03 Hrs before the session. (Six hours gap is ideal; hence Yoga practice in the morning hours brings maximum benefits).

Please write yo or call 080-42156174 for any further details.

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What is Hidlor's Yoga?
Hidlor's yoga is specially designed for the office goers, professionals and busy bees to strengthen the body, tranquil the mind and enlighten the spirit.
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