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“On my terms”, is my  reply.

It is a lie, a patent lie that I tell myself always.

Then, you may ask,

“Pray, tell us what really the truth is?”
The truth, the whole truth is in the ensuing words.

Kindly read on:

I, the self-proclaimed Master of my terms,
Am a glorious slave with so many masters:
To start with, my families of past, present & future,

That is,

My parents, siblings,
My wife, son & his family in future:
My relatives, my friends,
Their friends and relatives and theirs,

They all control, bind & dictate
My conduct from within and without

My office, colleagues, peers, subordinates, superiors,
The society, the governments,
Farmers, workers, suppliers, vendors, service providers,

They all control, bind & dictate
My life from outside

Animals, birds, microbes, plants, creepers, trees,
Forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, seas & oceans,
Climate, environment, days, nights, light, darkness

They all control, bind & dictate
my life, the lifestyle,

The norms, the beliefs, the values, the controls,
My deeds, the good, the bad and the indifferent,

My lust, desire, greed, avarice, envy, rivalry, jealousy,

Conceit, arrogance, anger, fury, intoxication & insanity

They all control, bind & dictate
my behaviour via my ego

Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Space, Moon, Sun, planets, stars,
The Macros, the Micros, the Void, the entire Cosmos,
The Cosmic laws, the known & the unknown, the Truth,
Then, finally, You, and of course, the datum called ‘I’.
Every one of them is linked to my soul, to my heart,
To my intellect, my mind, my body, my persona,

They all co ntrol my lives,
The entire chain from eternity!

Then, Oh! Ma, my bewitching Mother!
Where is my freedom, where are my terms,
Am I a slave, a perennial slave?
Until, I dissolve into YOU!



Dr. P.E.S. Kartha

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