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With Nature decked in graceful green,

Decorated with flowers, looking like a queen,

With special banners of shoppers all over seen,

A royal welcome to Ugadi – does it not mean?

In Karnataka & Andhra – as “Ugadi”, it is known.

“Gudi Padwa” is what Maharashtrians have their own.

“Vishu” - while Keralites choose to call,

“Naba Barsho” is its version in Bengal.

In Punjab – harvesting rabi crop is the season,

For “Baisaki” celebration, that is the reason.

With Tamilnadu & WB taking Solar reference,

In Festival date, it makes a difference.

Whether Lunar or Solar reference one takes,

For People - a joyous occasion it makes.

Margosa and Jaggery – together it brings

And a meaningful message too it rings.

Life is a bundle of pleasure and pain.

They are two faces of a same coin.

Handle them with equanimity of mind,

Inner peace, you will surely find

As we chew the Bitter-Sweet mixture,

Let us not forget meaning of its texture.
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