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Sugar Pills Series

One of the most popular workshop series conducted by Hari Kumar Parameswar is "Sugar Pills for Iron Men"© on various management topics including Stress Management. This people transformation program is designed very carefully considering the limitations of training people after an age.
People listen only what they like to listen and their brains absorb only what they like to retain with them. Most of the experienced hands dislike to get nominated for trainings and therefore they develop a resistance to learn in most of the training sessions. This leads them either remaining passive or hostile during the sessions and thereby def eating the very purpose of the training and development programs. In fact, learning has to be an internal process wherein only a situation is created to generate right ideas within themselves and allow their subconscious to retain it forever own their own. The brain allows the new found knowledge to dissolve well since the awareness was generated internally and the ownership of the realization lies within the person. The individual feels proud to be the owner of the newly acquired wisdom.

The specialty of the Sugar Pills series is the effective usage of conditioning technique to directly push an idea to the subconscious of the participants through effective and powerful intermittent shows depicting real incidents from history, from the life of celebrities etc. The program is highly interactive to generate creative ideas, free thought process and expression of thoughts & views.

Sugar Pills for Iron Men (for golden Ladies too) is found working well with the people as they refuse to forget the experience even after years.



Sugar Pills
Dear Sir, It was simply great!!! Your method of injecting the positive thoughts to an idle mind was really awesome.As you have emphasised through out,leaving the rops is very important in our life.Even if the workshop is over,the "hang over" is still there with me,and will remain there always.This workshop made me capable of taking the things in defrent way and style.And this was a talk among our family members also. Thanks a lot for your great effort to convey the great messages in a simple psychological approch.Hope this pills will remain there with us for a long time.
Posted by Pramod

Stress Management Feed Back
Respected Sir, Would like to comment with my honesty and sincerity, thanks for providing the Excellent program ďStress management workshopĒ conducted by you for two days , itís really helped a lot for the participants, especially I, who attended the training with lot of my personal stress and after the session I gained a lot of information from your training for how to balance my life in Financial Commitments, workplace relationships, family & relations. Every individual has to come across many more stresses in their life and this program acts as stepping stone for the successive Goal achievement and to lead a balanced life. Few Tips from the training; 1) How to manage the day to day stresses like Internal and external?. 2) How stress is influencing on your Growth/Organization as well as Collapses/Tragedy ?. 3) How the stress act on your body and its effects? 4) Types of stress and its effects on our body?. 5) How to identify the stressed person?. 6) How to manage the different stresses?. 7) Few wonderful tips to control the stress? Also noticed that during whole training session never got bored, the Presentation was framed in such a way that each and every participants had to express their thoughts without hesitation after watching the amazing video clips captured by you . I personally thought how much pain you took to frame the presentation gathering the historic data of all Successful people with their achievements as an example to the participants which helped us as motivators. Regards, Deva Reddy B. Mobile No-09538882715.
Posted by Deva Reddy B

Feedback: Sugar pills for Iron Man
Dear Sir, I realy enjoyed your sesson of stress management. Removing the mask and opening our mind with all will help a lot in our organisation. We hesitate to tell lot many things comes to our mind. The man should be open minded and open hearted. I think it is a wonderful program for how one can release the stress. This type of program to be attended by all. Another two sesson I would like to attend.
Posted by Vasudeva K

Sugar Pills for Iron Men
Arranged Stress management training for two days, itís really a wonderful session to learn how to manage our day to day different kind of stress. After attending this workshop I feel more confident, have learned the right attitude towards the stress & life. Before attending this training I was not aware way my heart beats starts beating very fast when I addressing any issue or when I facing my brother who is suffering from mental disorder. Now I came to know that this is due to my inner fear. I really very grateful to you for spending very precious time with us even your busy schedule. Also I suggest that planned two days is not sufficient to capture the knowledge in depth. Proposed two more days in upcoming training plz.
Posted by Gokarna KV

stress management
Dear sir, Stress mangement training is an Excellent way to know our Life stresses.Also Shri, Harikumar sir given a good ideas to improve ourselves & save our life as well as health from daily stresses.we need more awareness programs like this in up coming days.Many thanks sir.

Sugar Pills for Iron Men
This is one of the best workshops that I have attended so far, I think this program is very scientifically designed. All the practical techniques and right knowledge acquired through many years of research and experiences are all put in to make this workshop very effective and result oriented. After attending this workshop I feel more confident, have learned the right attitude towards the stress & life and Iím eager to take on more & more challenges that life can offer me.
Posted by Manjunath C

sugar pills for Iron man
I even had some fears when speaking with others and sometimes negative thinkings would come to my mind without any reasons but when i was in two days stress Management wokshop i was realised that why i want to fear for no reasons ,This workshop made me perfect man both Mentally and physically strong, This will help us how to overcome and handle the challanges in present fast growing world, I am very happy and proud to say that since my name was nominated for such a useful workshop.
Posted by Ravichandran

Stress Management training
Sir, it was just amazing, i felt fully recharged & fresh. Hope to know, learn & learn more about managing stress & other life improving techniques from the Masters like you.
Posted by Ajit g kattimani

FEELINGS & FEEDBACK :Sugar pills for Iron Man
Revered Sir, Heartfelt greetings. The work shop conducted by you was overwhelmingly positive for me. I never realised how those two days went by so fast. The presentation style and content and your sense of humor approach to stress management is unique ,I personally agree with. The sugar pills were so juxtaposed with each other that, they would certainly contain the sweetness in life & work in the days to come. Needless to mention, your sessions included good ideas, immensely valuable information, entertaining and thought-provoking. This would certainly help me in increasing productivity and fostering desirable attitudes in our workplace too. Honestly speaking, not only did you give all of us plenty to laugh about, and come out as original as I am by your encouragement to remove the masks but even more to think about. I have already shared relevant things with my wife and aspiring son and would certainly inculcate them to make the most of life. May I also take the opportunity to intimate you that, the feedback from our other participant members were also very positive as well. Many participants expressed the hope that you would return for future workshops too by finding time from your busy schedule in order to share the beautifully crafted presentations in your own unique way. Bibhu Dutta Padhy An avid reader / ardent fan of Hidlor. com

sugar pills
Two days, I was away from the planet earth where everyone is filled with grief, anger, lust, greediness etc. It was really sickening to leave the class and go after the two days workshop which was a sugar pill to make me Iron man. But, I am craving for more sugar pills which will make me an absolute man with a lot of enthusiasm, peace of mind and high thinking.
Posted by Sivadas Balakrishnan

Stress Management workshop
Dear Sir, I really enjoyed the Stress Management class and I do feel like it is something that should be offered to employees. I feel that this would be very beneficial to both their physical as well as mental well being.I think its a wonderful program and we need more programs like this.
Posted by Prashanth A V

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