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Many Paths, Many Answers, a book on Corporate Spiritualism and meaning of life.....

 Have you ever tried to evaluate the worth of your life?
Have you ever defined your life as illusory, mysterious or beautiful?

While life can mostly be a journey of explorations or a simple ride for learning, it can sometimes be a voyage through miseries too.

Dr. Hari Kumar Parameshwar, corporate spiritualist, yoga guru and a life coach, reveals the profundity of his thoughts—as well as his spiritual and mystical insights—through this brilliant collection of stories based on his encounters and experiences in life. This amazing collection of gems, picked up from the depths of human mind, go a long way in leading one to find simple answers for many mysteries that life beholds. At the same time, they depict new age philosophy and corporate spiritualism.

Every story is psychic and emotional—yet rational—with a strong message, which in itself is unique in most of the cases. They reflect the conflict within—between the body, mind and real-self—as interpretations vary at different stages of life, as varies the thought process of human beings. These stories are highly thought-provoking. The moods that they generate are found to swing frequently between emotional and spiritual.

This extraordinary collection of stories will surely provoke your thought by questioning your own beliefs, and will inspire and help you to come out of your lows with a newfound vigor.


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"Many Paths Many Answers' is an unputdownable book on spirituality at various place": Indian Express.


Indian Express Review















Foreword by Dr. Jennifer M. Foran, MD


It is such a pleasure to read these highly unique and thought-provoking stories by Hari Parameshwar.  With each beautifully crafted tale, I was further drawn in, finding myself lost in the particular situations and characters. When Hari presented me with the opportunity to write the foreword for his book, I wondered where I would begin. I picked up the book, and to my great happiness, was able to pick and choose chapters and stories as the titles caught my eye—as each vividly written story can stand alone. I found myself eager to re-read the stories. Now on my third reading, I have gained a deeper connection to the stories, as well as increased enjoyment and pleasure from each subsequent reading. I greatly appreciated being able to experience the stories on multiple levels. Hari is consumed with both the bliss and despair of life. I love the way his deep and affectionately written stories take a mundane event, such as seeing a beetle struggling in the water or the act of discarding old clothing, and turn it into an opportunity to delve into the spiritual intricacies of life or a discussion of dharma, karma, or understanding the language of the soul.

As a psychiatrist, I have worked with Hari on stress management workshops. I have consistently been impressed with his command over—and connection with—people’s needs, inner issues, and psyche.  Trained as an engineer, he is also a yogi, a life coach, a visionary, and a talented writer. Many Paths, Many Answers is his first work, and an exceptional one at that. He has clearly revealed his depth of thought, as well as his spiritual and mystical insight, in this brilliant collection of stories.

I have been asked which one of them is my favorite. Honestly, I cannot choose just one. Certain stories, and passages within those stories, though, have stuck in my mind. In Part 3, “The Meaning of G…O…D…,” I found myself engrossed in the discussion about the cycle of creation, survival, and destruction. I became fascinated with what I learned about chants, chakras, and mantras.  Now, I am left eager to further deepen my understanding of the soul’s ongoing process of trying to liberate itself from the cycle of deaths and births. Similarly, in Part 2, after reading “Can desires be the stepping stones in our journey?” I now find myself visualizing each of my desires and subsequent life events as moves from either soft, colorful stones or large, rough, black stones. Part 1, probably the most spiritual and metaphorical, became more meaningful and valuable to me with each subsequent reading. I found myself absorbed in anticipating what would happen next, and was usually pleasantly surprised by the outcome.  Just as Govind now haunts my mind, so does the Lion CEO!

This is truly an extraordinary collection of stories, sure to inspire all who read them. Each time I visit a story from Many Paths, Many Answers, I am taken on a journey where I question my own beliefs, contemplate mystical issues, and often vacillate between wonder, self-introspection, and those gratifying ‘ah-ha’ moments of deep understanding. 

I have been so captivated by the stories and characters that I am now sadly left wanting for more.  I will eagerly await Hari’s next literary endeavor. But I will kindly ask Hari to not leave us all waiting too long for his next creation.

For now, with great enthusiasm, I highly recommend Many Paths, Many Answers to all who are searching for a thought-provoking, meaningful, and highly pleasurable read.

California, USA                                                                                     Dr. Jennifer M. Foran, M.D.
February 25, 2013

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