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A Voyage to Mysticism: 5 Pills to Swallow......



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First story: A Voyage through mysticism: 5 Pills to swallow

 Pill 01: Why do we call a donkey, a donkey?

........ Still we call a donkey a donkey, a synonym for a foolish one. It is true that someone who is really on a spiritual path also perhaps be seen and misunderstood by others as eccentric or foolish.





Pill 02: The Blind Fish

.........A real spiritualist is also like this blindfish, unconcerned about the images of obstacles in front of him, detached from the environment, moving in a predefined path and not drawing the attention of anyone around him. The world surrounding him will also be unconcerned about him.



Pill 03: The Blind Man minimize his dependence on his five external senses by compensating for them by the enhancement of his sixth sense.




 Pill 04: Wandering Insane Persons

...... In other words, it is possible that many of the wandering insane people, whom we encounter may be sages, though we don't recognize them rightly.



Pill 05: God's Creations or God Himself?


.......He stood there silent and had not moved an inch from where he was standing even as my car was moving and had not bothered to wave his hand on me despite me waving my hand perpetually to draw his attention towards me.



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Yes, the spirited minds can be termed with a donkey or other animals because generally they think that what they are thinking those are always correct. while, the spiritualized minds find themselves within the animals/birds etc. To me there is no difference in between man and animal/birds etc spiritually.
Posted by Purnachandra Behere

You are so right ... i love to see lessons in normal things around us and glad to find that you seem to share a similar interest. nice one
Posted by Mona Vij

The Blind Man
While this man was unusually gifted, there are many people with physical handicaps whose perceptions exceed those of people with no such disabilities. One of the students in our Hindi class at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was a blind graduate student who later studied in India on a Fulbright scholarship. He went on to teach South India languages at the University of Texas-Austin and recently retired as Professor Emeritus. Rodney Moag was also a gifted Country-Western singer who performed in Europe, Asia and throughout the U.S.A. We lost touch with each other for 50 years, but he remembered every moment of our time together (far beyond my recollections).
Posted by Ron Krumpos

It is very true we are the strings of the universe.As a small thread it is connected to the soul.U can say soul is like report server what ever we do good bad it directs to soul and based on that we get our result that is called Karmafal.
Posted by Nanda Kishore Kuchibhotla

Amusing. Donkey is said to have been derived from 'dun' which means 'dark'. Just as a 'dark horse' means somebody who is mysterious, does the word donkey point to the ass' mysterious nature? Earlier the animal was called 'ass'. The word donkey came much later. Any way, thanks for a thought provoking article. Om Shantih Ajit Sambodhi
Posted by Ajit Sambodhi

Wandering insane
Very touchy and grave message. Would want to start with your statement “It is likely that a real mystic also may be misunderstood as an insane person. In other words, it is possible that many of the wandering insane people, whom we encounter, may be sages, though we don't recognize them rightly.” Thought of sharing some infuriating thoughts which has been a part of me till date as I grew from a kid to adolescence to an adult. I also had my encounter with an insane person and it was a woman. She was young probably in the early twenties. Beautiful in her own way as she never had any makeup on for sure. Unkempt hair and torn clothes were a part of her persona. As a kid I used to frequent my home town during vacations, this ceased after my Grandmothers demise. My hometown is a village at Palakkad; Gods own country Kerala state with 100% literacy. Does this make a difference to the situations yes and no? During the vacations, every morning the schedule would be to raise at 6:00 am complete the morning routine of brushing, bathing in the pond within the house called the Kolam and not the conventional bathroom as it was exciting to have a bath there in the nature and then rush to the temple for the Darshan of the deity – Bagavathy. After the prayers would return to our heritage the nalum ketta. The way to the temple was the typical paddy fields and a public Kolam near the temple with a sprawling Banyan tree next to it. Below this tree was this lady who was mentally retarded who wore the shabbiest dress which was torn at most of the places which covered the diffidence of this woman. She would sit all by herself and be the main object of ridicule of all the villagers from children to grownups. It never ceased to amaze me that she was never bothered about it and would even be found speaking to herself. She always adorned a shirt with least buttons on, and a skirt which was torn to shreds due to the same being worn every day. I have Seen some people and children pelt stones, kids hitting her with a stick but she would never retaliate ever. I would smile at her in my innocence and she would look right through me as if I never existed. I used to be scared to go near her for fear of being hurt by her during my adolescence. Then one day with great courage that I mustered I tried giving her a skirt which was not torn and she did not even take it from my hands. It did not even matter. So lifeless and so emotionless. How can a woman not love clothes? How can she just see through you? To her no one existed. She lived in her own realm where no one ever tread. I used to wonder what trauma she must have undergone in life to become so much so a stone. On asking people at my native they would come up with so many reasons and stories for her madness. Being brought up in the cities as a kid I even suggested that they seek the help of an asylum to give her the protection. Years went by and then I heard that this lady was raped and even delivered a child who was adopted by one of our local daily wages farmer who was issueless and this hapless lady does not even know she is a mother…. It’s been close to 10 years not since I visited the native place but even today these thoughts haunt me and I wish I was not a kid then. I would have done something to ensure she was safe. Can’t imagine the trauma that a lady goes through when she is raped. In her case I strongly want to believe she may not even have realized what was happening to her or who was taking advantage of her insensitivity, as she was beyond all this. For a normal lady the agony of becoming a mother and not realizing who the father is? well its a curse. She is tormented for the rest of her life, forbidden by the society for being characterless and God knows what not. For her this also did not matter as she never knew what happened around her. She did not even realize that she was a mother till date. The questions that torment me are why are women being treated so inhumanly? How could men just take advantage of a lunatic woman? Where has all the goodness in humankind vanished in this world? I am yet to visit my native home town but would surly want to know where she is today? Then I revisit what you wrote and think…. “It is likely that a real mystic also may be misunderstood as an insane person. In other words, it is possible that this hapless lady that I encounter, may be erudite and I didn’t recognize her rightly.”
Posted by Prithi Gopinath

The narrative evokes deep sympathy towards such wretched/blessed souls for a moment from all sane people. Scientific research has analysed the minds of both the sane and insane persons and the reasons for such conditions have been chronicled. In the light of such knowledge, we find these experiencesdo not merit contemplation as "mystical" In this context,I recollect and recite sloka no.11,Chapter 2 of Bhavadgita which read as: "You grieve over those who should not be grieved for and yet speak like the learned. Wise men do not sorrow over the dead or the living" Thanks for the blog for touching my tender feelings even for moment.
Posted by V R Bommaraju

Beautifully conveyed,. Not related to this, but as per a study conducted on criminal inmates in an US jail, a small part of the brain was damaged or in some case missing. Hence criminals usually don't feel any pain in doing criminal activities. Coming to your post, Sometimes, due to events in life, the mind goes beyond depression and in such state, they wont realize their actions. Such people are mostly ridden by the unconscious and hence the daily needs are given most importance by them. They don't want more of anything. They don't even accept of better. their contentment is limited to whatever they had at the beginning of such a state.
Posted by Mythical Mist

Very much thoughtprovoking......i read in a book that there Yogis in the mental assylum i the west. Who do not have control over theirmind. And in the east there r many insanes who have got full control over their minds. Love infinite and Pranam
Posted by Kakoli Sinha

Very interesting story...!!!
Posted by Jayanti Rao

Man is where his mind is and man is his mind; because, his association and identification with his mind is very fact to such an extent that he considers, himself to be his mind, itself. Though, the fact and reality is that mind is only a tool, through which man percieves the external universe and sees and comprehends only that limited portion of it, which his limited senses are capable of detecting. Whereas, the truth is that there is much more in this universe, than what the senses can detect or the mind can comprehend. An ordinary man is most of the time engaged and thinks about the world which is illuminated by his senses and very rarely knows the world which exists beyond them; whereas, there are other men who have consciously or unconsiously transcended their senses and mind and know about that portion of reality, which lies beyond the senses and the mind...the vast infinite, and they dwell most of the time there and think of the ordinary world only when their body needs something for its maintainance or sustainance. Hence, what is day to the ordinary man is night to the knower of Truth....and what is night to the ordinary man, is day to the mystic....that is why their behaviour, actions and thinking is difficult for the mundane man to understand.
Posted by Anil Singh

From where we count the God, Who is the God?, who iwas the God? or Who is goingto be the God.Who is the God of Whom, All questions are about the abundance, the God, You pick up any question from the abundance the answer differes.The first God is an orphan, Nature rescues him.Shall we go back to the starting point it is not possible, as thousands of years gone, we cannot go to the end, as it is in future, don't know when it ends.God has many phaces mother, father, teacher, guest, who will host them, he is the God.You are the guest to the parents, when you born, who is your guest when you born, the first breath in is your guest, who enters cooly into the lungs, who ignites the fire in the blood, as a spark to enlight the heart to start working to makeyou as a infant god the procreate of the dynasty, who will be the engine of future. All these narration is for the person who is bitten by dogs and in the acquard position, it is an external disturbance, some cases are there which are internal, while the fetus is inside.Every happenning is connected with the past and present to go into the future either good or bad.If you see and feel sorry they are sinful things of the sufferrer, which might be of his own mistakes,or accidental which cannot be avoided or some old sins ofheriditory. It is good when things are going as expected, easygoing,fruitfulwith a little effort. Choice is individual and luck is of the dependants that worksmore.Individual luck cannot give more fruits. Pray for the family, certainly you get favour, pray for the society you get your share. pray for the state, courty. except for yourself. Letothers pray for ypu.
Posted by V Nagabhushan

:) . True. Excellent observation.
Posted by Rekha Ramankutty

Dear Hari Ji, Everything is God's creation except Himself. Directly or indirectly through His plenary expansions. The energy and the energetic are non different. In the Kingdom of God there is no suffering as we find in this planet in this shelled macrocosm. It is the Pure Eternal, Blissful and Spiritual. Every embodied soul on these material worlds is actually suffering through perceived happiness. Every act and set of acts be it action, speech or thought builds on karmic matrix of bondage. The soul projected into that particular use & throw tissue cultured metaphysical wireless modulator (body) is unfortunately unable to even attempt towards the purpose of human life being achievement of God Lovingness. Primarily because the tissue culturing is mitigated below par, the wireless connectivity capped and the modulation at way less than enablement of development of hindsight the most important quality required for achieving God Lovingness. Please don't call that deficiently embodied soul as God or His incarnation. Emanation yes. All souls are emanations either from Him or His Plenary expansions. God does not need to remain naked and require constant caring in the way of cleaning frequently. Even many souls projected into so so called normal bodies miss the bus because of over involvement in sensual matters which is gross abuse of facilities provided. Now the question is why a world of contamination and suffering (on observence of recorded history as a major and constant struggle for survival) in His domain of Pure, Eternal, Blissful and Spiritual. The mind is anyway outside all bodies and not in that meat called brain. What you perceived of as aura was actually helplessness and inability to express. My reading is that Rev. Joseph was dumb struck as to how anyone could perceive God thus. To err is human but he was frozen to the spot with freight as to how err to such an extent. Warm Regards Naren
Posted by Narendra Tirumale

OM Shanti Salaam There cannot be Good unless you know what is bad Similarly unless there is a desease we will not knot know what is being healthy. So there is a hell to know heaven. God Almighty Pramatma Allah says: And in everything have We created opposites, so that you may haply reflect. (Holy Quran 51:49) Serving Humanity is serving God so as to earn good deeds for our own salvation. Also Keep in mind God is free from any needs. IT IS GOD who creates you all in a states of weakness, and then, after weakness, ordains strength [for you], and then, after [a period of] strength, ordains [old-age] weakness and grey hair. He creates what He wills; and He alone is all-knowing, infinite in His power.(Holy Quran 30:54) NOW, VERILY, it is We who have created man, and We know what his innermost self whispers within him: for We are closer to him than his neck-vein. (Holy Quran 50:16) Neither I came with my will nor I go with my will In whatever way you keep MY Lord it is Your will. May God Almighty Guide humanity towards straight path and towards salvation, Amen.
Posted by Abdul Gaffar Anwar

Very truly said, the one's who are special are the one's in whom GOD resides in its pure form as they are not touched by the material consciousness !!! What they perceive in their lives is the true form of spirit, what we at times takes numerous lifetimes to attain that wisdom. Thank you for sharing...
Posted by Karan Choudhari

God's creation
Here the child the real victim that does not have a sense to feel his own sufferings, have been placed in this situation on account of some accumulated bad Karmas and also the bad Karmas of Mother-Father duo of that child contributed the birth of such dysfunctional child, after discarding by his parents he has been taken care by Rev. Joseph just on the ground of compassion, so now he is this child's sole guardian. In this way the Rev. Joseph the guardian of the child is taking all the pains in getting the filth of that child cleaned and feeding him for his survival. Your question is who has accumulated more sins in his previous births, since the child has no knowledge of his sufferings therefore the Guardian is the one who has more accumulated sins from past births. It could be possible that what behavior the present birth parents of this child's discarding brutally have been committed, the same kind of karma might have committed by Rev. Joseph towards that child in past births for that he is paying now. "Rinanubandha' = Rina + Anubandha; means for paying back the Rina (loan), to the disabled child the Rev. Joseph has been bound to pay back in serving him. I am not competent enough to judge nor I have been judging. Its simple logic based on vedanta philosophy. We humans can't judge the law of Eternal, The All mighty.
Posted by Rameshwar Gupta

Almost Newton like. Proof of a true seeker looking for meaning in objects which others tend to overlook. Sheer brilliance in observation and fluidity of expression made the blog enjoyable. Thanks for providing moments of happiness on reading.
Posted by Vrao Bommaraju

Beautiful. thanks
Posted by Anil Madan

As somebody said --kan -kan mein bhagwaan hai . this all is your own findings, your own realizations. up to you how you feel and perceive the god or your self / your higher self in self . this all is a very complicated process to understand and one birth is really not enough even to understand even one aspect of our living -why i am here ,? what am i supposed to do ? and the complications of various relations and associations . what is right and wrong ? once you are able to find even one answer you may realize what is god and who created whom ?
Posted by Sunita Gupta

A very strange n positive approach to assess God,s creation .
Posted by Sheel Kapoor

Every act if followed by listening to our inner voice will create magic!
Posted by Prabhakaran Krishnan

Liked your write up on God's Creations or God Himself? Thanks for putting your experience in a simple lucid way. So many views, perspective, annotations but the one thought that cames to my mind is .....“We human beings just don’t ever seem to realize how much a bliss it is just to be born normal and have all the required parts of our body functional and fine”. How many times do we actually thank God for these blessings in life? For ever we keep cribbing and asking for what is not there, and seeking what is not with us. Do we ever take time to see what a lovely family we are? What lovely kids we have? What lovely parents we have? How many times do you actually take that extra pain to thank God for the daily bread and the wonderful day we had? So many times we hear many say “Why Me?” Don’t we need to look at God and say “Try me”, because he is surly there with us at all walks of life? He will give us only that much what we can take. This instance where we come across such specially challenged people is a mixture of feelings as we actually end up raveling into the present and past.
Posted by Prithi Gopinath

Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog, liked reading it.
Posted by Success Coach Ajith Varwandkar

It really stunning , educative and inspiring. Service to mankind is the biggest service
Posted by Navdeep Yadav

I do not see any difference in gods creations or god himself. Word god is created by humans thus humans have created god. Otherwise it is HE only where is "I" or where are "WE". Latter is our manufactured material. Everything is HIS manifestations. We unnecessarily put things on our shoulders and then cry. It is all your attitude and vision how we look things.
Posted by Surinder Raina

I do not see any difference in gods creations or god himself. Word god is created by humans thus humans have created god. Otherwise it is HE only where is "I" or where are "WE". Latter is our manufactured material. Everything is HIS manifestations. We unnecessarily put things on our shoulders and then cry. It is all your attitude and vision how we look things.
Posted by Surinder Raina

Awesome. Jiva Seva is Shiva Seva.
Posted by Sekhar Ray

Great sharing Parmeshwar jee. Such incidents and experiences touch us and shake us emotionally and intellectually. We do not have a clue or explanation. We have no option to go through them and face them with our faith in life and the God intact. They are strong reminders against our own ego and Iam-ness. We are nothing. We are nobody. Still, we exist. We need to love and care and be useful to the God's creation. Many thanks for reminding us about the reality.
Posted by Promod Sharma

Very Beautiful Inference .ur right. Absence of mind and a livving loving heart is indeed god
Posted by Rupa Gomathy Vaidyanathan

Very nice blog! worth reading! :)
Posted by Rishita Gorantyal

Those are great who serves humanity sppeechless no world
Posted by Gautam Pincha

People would become very selfish in the Last Days, committing all sorts of sins against their neighbors, not caring, lacking natural affection, being phony and hypocritical, quitters and liars, judging and condemning, hurting others, and yet having a form of religious devotion. “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy...” I think it was She who said she never envied the lion tamer, because at least he is safe from people in the cage with the lion.
Posted by Krishna Sharma

The blog has non-plussed me.I am unable to make up my mind how to react to it. So to begin with, I salute Rev Joseph for his perseverance in tending to the patient , who is living only in name.It requires tremendous faith in oneself and in God to take so much care for so long of a patient who is not even able to reciprocate the gesture of immense care and kindness. He seems to be imbued with the same religious spirit as was Mother Teresa or Baba Amte. I am unable to fathom the reaction of the Rev to the statement of the author. I do not endorse the conclusion that the patient is God himself. God is Infinite conscious energy and dynamism.The aura and tranquillity apparent in the patient could be the aura of creeping death. Contrary to the popular view, moments before death are peaceful except in the case of violent death. It is not synonymous with the calm and aura of a Buddha who had conquered suffering through Awareness and had much to contribute to the humanity.We should not trivialise God. Yes, it is said that God is in every one of us.But that God in us is unknown to most of us and reveals Himself only when we become godlike in thought, speech and action.
Posted by Mahavir Nautiyal

Hari ji, What you have expressed is true, All spiritual perceptions by any human being have Vedas as meter to measure the truth of its perception. Vedas declare "AHAM BRAHAM ASMI" It goes for universal Humanity.
Posted by Sunil Dutt

Wonderful blog ! God sends special children to special people,be it parents or people like Reverend Joseph only...As HE knows these special soul who are dearest to HIM would be loved,cared and taken care of. Eye opening insight.Thanks so much
Posted by Sapna Rana

liked your blog and to a lot extent your is not God who has born them... it is the discision of the soul to be born like they have the duty to teach us love and truth in a different way...they come from a very high domain.I happened to live with one such soul.......
Posted by Shoma Ghosh

Very well expressed!
Posted by Zaigham Hasan

Thanks, you are right...they are not God`s creations but God Himself...which everyone must understand.
Posted by Pravin Agrawal

I dont know what to tell about this creation of god. but i still believe in god. the god's mercy is clear as God has arranged shelter for him. i believe whenever he gives difficulty he either makes you capable or sends a facilitator.
Posted by Hitesh Shah

Every person has to be first initiated the God-presence first either through the religion approach or otherwise. very rarely one thinks of God on ones own. Each religion propagates virtues and service to society in its own way. Some persons, God-sent pick up very fast and dvelve entirely on social service and spend the entire lifetime serving others. A child has to be first educated, create awareness, as to how to appreciate all things around, a positive mind sets in with unconditional love. A person has to himself decide whether God exists by conviction and not merely by belief. The presence of God is an experience.
Posted by Nagaraja Mandalgeri

For ability we need appreciation,for diability we show the god as cause. For every human Mother who share her life,is the lonely and o9nly god, this is universally applicable. Thereis no second thought.The first childwho made her god mother is a creator of mother God. It is clearly proved that when the fetus is formed the feelings and happenings influence the birth of the child. Every intake food will influence the body of the child, every intake into the mind will influence the brain. It is the mother who9knows what was happened while the chilod is growing in her womb. Not taking the facts into considertion all the facts, simply blaming the almighty never bestow happiness. Instead of preventing, taking the advantage of habits is the cause behind. Your sin is you kins bad luck, for what mistake the disabled children suffer, it is mistakeofthe spouses,who made him though not for order, but for amusement. Let us take care to make a good future to our progeny.
Posted by Veenagabhushan

Pill 5
The last para of your speech to him was just magnanimous. Unfortunately, for such and similar patients, its only the root most point of the mind connected with the body that are in discord and in most cases unrepairable. Else, they are closer to god than a normal human
Posted by Mythical Mist

Donkey's qualities
Hey,i have got all those qualities......................... Nice sharing.
Posted by Kakoli Sinha

Dear Hariji, You have rightly pointed out that someone who displays qualities, like, innocence, the willingness to serve others, etc. is seen as someone who is either foolish or an incapable person. People who have the ability to commit fraud and loot others dues are regarded as masters in society. No wonder, we are plagued with so many ills that make our lives like living hell.
Posted by Alekha Charan Tripathy

Ha ha ha
Next time you see a donkey standing still, just watch his eyes. if they are not moving then his mind is still----meditation. ha ha ha
Posted by Ajit Zutshi

Compassion is a higher level quality that one can acquire only after experiencing his life with experiences of sufferings and pain. When you reach a stage wherein you are able to experience others experiences and even their thought process, you will be able to travel exactly in their shoes. Whether it is a donkey or a human, you will be able to perceive its experiences as your own experience. Probably, Achilles also must have refined and shined his real-self using the gadgets of his own experiences in life.
Posted by Hari Kumar Parameshwar

Very compassionate
Posted by Zaigham Hasan

Dear Paramswarji, thanks for the feelings on God, Godly living and especially that Godly character of the child, Joseph and you also. Yes, God is within the child. The speechless suffering of the child with a smiling response is also one of the character of God. God never do wrong, with this philosophy we can salute Mr.Joseph for his service to God.
Posted by Purnachandra Behera

You recalled those days when I served latur earthquake victims. Scattered limbs, dead bodies all around, people crying with pain. It is fact that His flawless creation has created an opportunity to serve Him on this earth itself. Serving people is serving God. Very nice narration. Thx for sharing.
Posted by Ravi Singh

Your ability to see the divinity shining on the face of that hapless man shows that you have faith in God's ways and that you are not patronising in your attitude to creation's severest challenges. I would definitely encourage you in your positive attitude. I feel that your response to the condition you describe, is a pointer that you ave passed the test of God. God puts His staunchest devotees to such tests.Thanks . A wonderful blog.
Posted by Meera Panigrahi

I agree to the possibility for I had read it somewhere that a lot of such births are taken, so that the soul can focus on the higher power with minimal distractions from this earth plane. Having said that, it does not mean that what the Reverent believed was wrong either ... or atleast the portion where he feels that it is his duty to take care of such a soul ... complex machinery and that power keeps everything in tandem :)
Posted by Mona Vij

Unique and rare
Good! Yet another instance .... from which to learn that.... the priest of a temple who does the routine rituals to the deity is not necessarily the one to benefit from the act, in a greater measure than a stray visitor, who at once grasps the sanctity of the place! ... A child, has to become aware of itself.... this happens, usually, when the child gets to observe a simultaneous sensation... one the visual of something falling on the childs feet, and two a pain sensation that happens at the place where that something fell.... So, sensory levels of perception usually help a person to become aware of self.... but once that awareness dawns... the self awareness not only stays, it creates even ego-related problems over a period of time (child -> youth -> adulthood --> old age... stages)... ... In this case of this 'life' if there is an indication of self-awareness, then the 'life' itself is uniquely benefited by the service rendered to the physical body! And it goes without saying that the person rendering the service is also rewarded... The person rendering that service can also 'evolve' if that person 'allows it to happen'... from the story, the visitor has done something very significant towards that evolvement to happen! A very rare occurrence indeed! ... A blog of this kind is utterly unique, and rare too... Personally, I believe that a reader ought to visit this blog after a gap of time, to read it yet again, (unless there is some spiritual experience already, and if not, until it happens!)... ... The last sentence indicates the manifestation of a state we call as 'transfixed' (often misconstrued as stupefied)! Thanks and regards, psn
Posted by Narayanan PS

Your inference is really unique. Yes, it is our mind only that plays its tricks all the time and is the cause of all our torments; in that case someone who seems to have no mind at all is bound to be far above the ordinary and to be in an ever-blissful state; his body too hasn't grown normally;it is his soul only that seems to encompass his entire being. In that case,he is above all mortal suffering and yes, he can well be an incarnation of God Himself who has descended on earth to test the spirit of true love and renunciation of a man like Reverent Joseph. Thanks for sharing this most enriching experience.
Posted by Nandita Sanyal

The creator adopts numerous ways to open our eyes and heart to the reality of His existence. None can fathom Him or His ways. A sensitive person will always be in awe of the creator. The one who cultivates devotion towards the Almighty can exist in peace and health and understand His numerous blessings. Thanks for sharing a great experience. May all be blessed.
Posted by Narendra Babu

I'm speechless dear . love and light pranam.
Posted by Kakoli Sinha

God lies beyond the boundaries of word, thought and mind. Whatever is said about God for ages are only a concept. Take a journey to that "no man's land" and find out without following any authority, i.e. BE A LIGHT UNTO YOURSELF. Also BEWARE, mind has immense capacity to create illusions and delusions and there are lots of possibilities for self deception.
Posted by George Selvakumar Jairaj

Service to mankind and creatures of this creation is service to God. And it is said that selfless service helps in destroying prarabdha- karma too.It also helps to purify mind(chitta Suddhi).
Posted by Bishnu Prasad Padhy

LIKED THE CONCEPT THAT IMPAIRED HUMAN BEINGS ARE NOT CREATIONS , THEY ARE INCARNATION OF THE CREATOR himself - nice thought and i appreciate it - it has provided me food for thought as well - thanks - god bless you -
Posted by Keshava Menon Rajan

Pre-birth and re-birth are a part of cause and effect relationship which is supervised and ensured firmly by the almighty GOD. In this particular case of creation by god, As you rightly pointed out- I am of the opinion that this person earnestly wanted to observe life from the perspective of a pure witness, a one who adamantly wished never to react at the time of death in his previous birth. So as an effect of that cause he was blessed with such a body which is just a silent observer of life. However, it is even greater to be silent observer even while still having the capacity to do it. It is quite possible that the particular soul tried this all the while in his previous life but could not succeed and thus is this present life form.
Posted by Abhijit Joshi

God does not want that anyone should suffer, rather reverse is the case, He wants that no one should suffer! Therefore His Messengers in theirs' Teachings cautioned the man not to commit a wrong therefore not to suffer as well. God is Love and the same time Justice also. He provides the chance to see the past wrongs atoned. Apparently, it may look cruel or punishment, but in the deep sense it is His Love that the wrongs are redeemed. In many a cases it is the opportunity tor the concerned soul not only to experience but to learn also for the next commitment.. Though, to serve is a spiritual quality, however, the man at service should be aware of the Laws of God to serve in such way so that the sufferer should not get mislead by some wrong interpretations that he or she is someone special. It may hamper the cause of his/her suffering and he/she may not come to the recognition of his/her wrongdoings. To recognize the fault humbly and the same time be grateful to The God for His help in the course of redemption could prove a great turning point for the soul in his/her future spiritual journey.
Posted by Abhiram Kuwar

Hari Ji, Your blog is a perfect example of perception and how it creates different conclusions for different individuals.
Posted by Gopal Aggarwal

Separate Existence of Universe If God exists in space, this means God is existing in this Universe. If God is present in the Universe, the Universe cannot be a separate object of entertainment to God. Veda says that this Universe is created for His entertainment (Ekaki Na …). If you are present in the cinema and become the cinema by pervading all over the cinema, the cinema is not a separate object for you and therefore cannot give entertainment to you. If you are the spectator of the cinema, you should be separate from the cinema. You are the separate subject and the cinema is separate object. If the subject and object are one and the same, there is no existence of object at all. It means God did not create this universe. If the creation is absent, there is no entertainment to God. This leads to the inability of God to create a separate object for His entertainment. Such inability makes God impotent and then God cannot be omnipotent. Therefore, the separate existence of the Universe in which God is not present, must be accepted to avoid all these contradictions. - - - The Universe indicates the existence of God but neither gives the information of God nor the experience of God. After realising the existence of God, you can experience God through some item of the creation into which God entered. The best item of the Universe is the human being through which you can experience God and also clarify your doubts with God directly. If God exist in every human being, every human being should clarify your doubts. Infact since you are also one of the human beings and since God is in yourself also, you should clarify your own doubts, which means that you should not get any doubt and therefore no human being should have any doubt. Therefore, God enters into a specific human being only like Krishna or Jesus etc., who can alone clarify all your doubts and through whom alone you can experience God.
Posted by Datta Swami

We are all God Incarnates, God himself...? very true..
Posted by Krishan Sharma

Don't you feel that, we are all God Incarnates, God himself..? I think, there is no need for us, to touch anyone's feet, we all need to just reach, in.. and we'll all will feel the aura emerging from deep within us, but that will only be for us to feel, and if that happens it is not a big deal to radiate, because that is a basic part of God's calm nature. I know you know this, too.. but just felt like.......... Regards
Posted by Balwinder jeet Singh Chahal

Your interpretation is bit different and maybe correct, as you were on the spot. however, try find answers in this world is futile. it is better to destroy the questions (mind)
Posted by Ajit Zutshi

Posted by Alok Sinha

Gods creation
GOD doesn't need service of a man...... but GOD want us to love one another as he has loved us.
Posted by Amit Xess

Does it really matter whether it is God's creation or the God Himself? Will any body tell me if Lord Jesus Christ did not feel pain when he was crucified? i do not know if the inflicted life is immune to such bodily pain, but the problem is such scenes inflict pain on the viewer. The narrated incidence refreshed my memory about the pain and suffering I witnessed myself about thirty years back when I had my first issue - a girl child - who survived for three and half months. During this small span her life, the suffering she underwent was so obvious, it makes me wonder why on earth God should ever think of such punishment to anybody, even if it is HE HIMSELF! "Service to humanity is service to God" - so what Reverent Joseph is doing is no doubt the highest form of service one can think of. But it is very difficult to accept that the soul caged within that hapless body is free from all pain and suffering. If that be the truth, what is the purpose behind this? is this providing an opportunity to Reverent Joseph to serve God or a test of his devotion?
Posted by Alekha Charan Tripathy

It is sad ful story in which a child is suffering with abnormal state.It is your view that u see as a incarnation of God in that child.It is kindness.It must be. But Reverent's view also we can not ignore that it is a creation of God.Yes it is.We r here u to serve. The whole world or the Universe is from HIM. But we r not from them who must heal. Nicely written blog thanks.
Posted by Amrit Sharma

Wonderful...all His creation is He only..and service to the creation is service to Him..very well brought out..keep spreading the messae..your pills are effective..necessary...thanks
Posted by Shashi Bhushan

Excellent and very passionate writing.
“Being must be felt. It can't be thought.”  Earhart Tolle. The Donkey, blind man & Fish, even insane feels being. We are all thinking of living, and never live.
Posted by Sasi Kumar

Excellent Vision
It's really good to read such spiritual thoughts. Kindly keep on posting such thoughts, it help to grow.
Posted by kobier roy

Once a speeding truck had knocked down a donkey on a road. The impact had killed the donkey. What surprised me the most was that another donkey stood at the same spot where the donkey was hit waiting for another truck to knock him down as well. I saw even his behind was bruised because some heartless driver had given him a push with an idea to move him off the road, but despite that the donkey persistently stood there. I have never seen this kind of empathy in any of the living beings. My heart melts whenever I think of this rare occurrence.
Posted by Achilles D Sylva

Man is where his mind is and man is his mind; because, his association and identification with his mind is very fact to such an extent that he considers, himself to be his mind, itself. Though, the fact and reality is that mind is only a tool, through which man percieves the external universe and sees and comprehends only that limited portion of it, which his limited senses are capable of detecting. Whereas, the truth is that there is much more in this universe, than what the senses can detect or the mind can comprehend. An ordinary man is most of the time engaged and thinks about the world which is illuminated by his senses and very rarely knows the world which exists beyond them; whereas, there are other men who have consciously or unconsiously transcended their senses and mind and know about that portion of reality, which lies beyond the senses and the mind...the vast infinite, and they dwell most of the time there and think of the ordinary world only when their body needs something for its maintainance or sustainance. Hence, what is day to the ordinary man is night to the knower of Truth....and what is night to the ordinary man, is day to the mystic....that is why their behaviour, actions and thinking is difficult for the mundane man to understand.
Posted by Anil Sigh

When Swami Vivekananda asked Sri Ramakrishna, "What does a jivan mukta look like?" He was shown a man sitting beside a gutter and eating the left overs thrown aside after a bhandara. The sight was repulsive, but he got many valuable lessons from him. When nature made water before it gave us thirst and food for us before it gave us hunger....why did man think that it would not give all that he needed? Nature provides our basic needs, free of is our wants and desires that we have to struggle for...humans have multiplied their desires to such an extent that no amount of toiling is sufficient to satisfy them...a desire is like an ever-burning, never-ending flame, the more you satisfy it, the more it grows. Who is there to judge, whether the person who is satisfied with his immediate present needs is more happier than the one who is never satisfied after fulfilling all his wants and who is the wiser of the two...
Posted by Anil Singh

Eye opener
An excellent blog, thanks, thanks for bringing the life of rev. Joseph who extends his service to the needy souls on earth, an eye opener subject put forth!
Posted by Rajendran P Koru

Thought provoking
God and God's creations are same at a different level of thinking. But in this word of relative reality, it is difficult to put this into practice. Thought provoking artcle
Posted by KVA Kutty

To love creation is to love the cannot adore an art, without adoring the artist. There is no perfection in this is trying to evolve towards perfection. Perfection is a state of being, which existed before the universe was's manifestation distrubed the equilibrium and now it is trying to find it back. When there is mass production underway in a factory, a few defective pieces are bound to come out...yet, all defects belong to the outer materialistic form...the spirit within can never be defiled or defective...recognizing its presence in all form of creation is being in tune with reality...
Posted by Anil Singh

Pill01: Most of the time when we unable to pass proper instruction to our subordinate and become frustrate, by calling him Donkey we satisfy our ego.
Posted by Kobier Roy

A lovely post Hari.
Posted by Graham Williams

About Donkey and others
Dear Readers, I feel that any thing happening in nature is for the well-being and benefit of an individual or group (society). When donkey, a wild animal of uninhabited open terrain, is an obliging porter by man, the braying (it's natural call notes) intended to be transmitted to great distances of the desert and the long ears meant for receiving sound waves emanating from distant animals /birds / objects are rendered useless. So by taming the donkey man benefited and automatically the animal lost it's freedom. What will the port thing do other than meditating to teach a lesson or two to the noble and great human mind! We differentiate among various species but nature or God does not! During a natural calamity or disaster such as flood or tsunami all species face the brunt and fury of nature alike; muscle (power) or nerve (emotion or thinking faculty) of a more evolved species does not help! Dr S M Satheesan
Posted by Dr S M Satheesan

A Good Moral Pill
Some time we take things for granted may be due to the Appearance. Same in case of (Pill 01)Donkey..... Moral: Never to Underrate any one.
Posted by vishal.s.bangera

A Voyage to Mysticism
We all may also have these type of experiences in our day today life.But realising the inner soul by you is amazing.
Posted by Pramod

Kool stuff
Wonderful read ! And insightful too....Thanx
Posted by Anoop Dhanwanthari

straight to the point
Hari, as always, you are straight to the point. I agree the points above especially the last one on God being present himself!
Posted by Biju Varghese

Nice thought
A candid approach to spiritualism; true, no doubt.......
Posted by Raju Rangaswami

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