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A Voyage to Mysticism: 5 Pills to Swallow......
“They are not God's creations as you think. Couldn't you sense the sort of tranquility on his face and see the aura emerging from deep within him? In the absence of a mind within that body, what is reflecting outside is the real soul."
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Birthday: A story of harmless corruption.

Corruption, as widely assumed, is not always to be materialistic in nature. A boss who claims the credit of good work done by his subordinate is corrupt. A mother-in-law who proudly accepts the gratitude from the guests on the delicious food prepared by her daughter-in-law is also corrupt.
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Pebbles and thorns on Hidlor’s path……
“Commercialized spiritual illusion will destroy the individuals first and then the society. Buying and selling spiritualism in open market is one of the biggest challenges the society has to handle these days."
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An Infrastructure management professional with over 20 years of rich experience in infrastructure planning, design and construction.

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What is Hidlor's Yoga?
Hidlor's yoga is specially designed for the office goers, professionals and busy bees to strengthen the body, tranquil the mind and enlighten the spirit.
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